Thailand became the first South East Asian country to approve gay marriage, this is how the historic beginning took place

There were 152 members present during the voting on the gay marriage bill in the Senate, the upper house of Thailand’s National Assembly. Out of these, 130 members have voted in favor of the bill, that is, this law has been passed with full majority. With this, this country has become the first in South-East Asia to pass this law. Let us tell you that four members have voted against this law. A further 18 members abstained from the process. The gay law now needs to be formally approved by Thailand’s King Maha Wijralongkorn. After this this letter will be published in the Government Gazette. Will be published in the Government Gazette on a scheduled date within about 4 months, after which this law will be fully implemented. These countries have got permission for gay marriage.
Apart from Thailand, after Taiwan and Nepal, gay marriage has been allowed in Thailand. If we talk about the country in Asia with homosexuality law, then Thailand has become the third country in Asia and the first country in South East Asia. Same Sex Marriage Equality Bill Under this law, legal, financial and medical rights will be provided to married partners of any gender. The gay marriage bill was passed in the lower house of parliament just before the end of the parliamentary session in April. . This bill will amend the law to replace ‘man and woman’, ‘husband and wife’ with ‘person and marriage partner’.