Thailand is now the Myanmar junta’s favored banking destination as military attacks ramp up

BANGKOK, THAILAND – A recent investigation reveals that Thailand has become the primary banking hub for the Myanmar military junta, facilitating the regime’s procurement of weapons and military supplies despite escalating violence and humanitarian crises in Myanmar.

According to sources, Thai banks have processed millions of dollars in transactions linked to the junta’s military purchases, raising concerns about Thailand’s compliance with international sanctions and its role in perpetuating the conflict.

Thailand is now the Myanmar junta's favored banking destination as military  attacks ramp up, UN expert says | CNN

The development comes as the Myanmar military intensifies its attacks on civilian populations, displacing thousands and sparking global condemnation. The international community is urging ASEAN member states, including Thailand, to take a stronger stance against the junta’s actions.

Critics argue that Thailand’s financial support undermines efforts to promote democracy and human rights in Myanmar, and calls for greater transparency and accountability in the banking sector are growing.

In Myanmar, Military Rule Is Faltering

As the situation continues to deteriorate, the global community watches with bated breath, hoping for a swift resolution to the crisis. Will Thailand reevaluate its stance and join the international effort to promote peace in Myanmar? Only time will tell.