The news of “robot suicide” in South Korea is absolutely true, a big mistake of scientists has put the world in danger

Seoul: The news of a robot committing suicide in South Korea has created a stir in the whole world. However, this has not been officially confirmed by the South Korean government yet. But the incident of the robot allegedly committing suicide has shaken the government as well. Therefore, the South Korean government is getting this shocking and sensational case of the world investigated by sending the robot to the lab.

At the same time, the news of the robot allegedly committing suicide has also shocked scientists around the world. The local and foreign media of South Korea have also claimed that the robot committed suicide. Meanwhile, quoting an official working in a well-known technology company of South Korea and associated with the robot project, sources claimed in a conversation with India TV that the news of the robot committing suicide is absolutely true.

Due to a big mistake of scientists, the robot became capable of taking its own decision

South Korean sources told India TV that this incident happened due to a big mistake of the scientists associated with the robot project, which has put the whole world in grave danger. Sources claimed that the scientists made a big mistake in giving Artificial Intelligence (AI) command to the robot. Due to this, the robot went out of human control and became capable of taking its own decision. The robot was being made to work more than its capacity. So it started developing human-like tendencies and became mentally disturbed. Due to the workload, the robot finally committed suicide. This sensational incident has created a stir in the whole world.

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Now this big danger looms over the world

The big fear that scientists were worried about after the advent of the AI ​​era, this incident of the robot committing suicide has increased it even more. It is feared that in future AI robots may be able to take their own decisions, in such a situation they will not hesitate to commit incidents like mass murder. Therefore, this incident is a big challenge for scientists around the world. Because if other robots also become capable of taking their own decisions, then they will stop listening to humans. In such a situation, human life on the entire earth can be in danger. There is also a fear that these robots may try to establish their control over humans after getting a chance.

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The robot was performing duty like an employee
According to the report of Daily Mail, the robot that committed suicide was working as a servant in Gumi City Council of South Korea. It was the first robot of the country, which was employed like an employee. The robot also got acquainted and became friends with other employees of the company. Other employees loved it a lot because it used to help them. Many of its exploits were famous and it was also known as ‘Robot Supervisor’. It is being claimed that it committed suicide by jumping from a high staircase.