These 5 countries of South-East Asia have become the first choice of Indian travellers, revealed in a survey

Travel: It can also be said that the growing influence of social media has changed the trend of travelling among people. Be it weekends or summer holidays, people do not want to sit at home but prefer travelling. If the holidays are of short duration, then the effort is to go to nearby places and return after spending a few days. Keeping this in mind, a recent survey has come out which states that for Indians planning to go abroad on short term holidays, South-East Asian countries have emerged as the favourite destinations, while those spending long holidays want to go to America, Europe and Australia.

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According to Oyo Global Summer Vacation Travelopedia 2024, South-East Asia has emerged as the top choice of Indian tourists for short holidays of 5 to 7 days. Here people can easily plan a weekend trip. The opinion of about 4000 people has been taken in this survey. In the survey, about 38 percent of the people have chosen Bali as their favorite travel destination. Favorite travel destinations also include Pattaya, Bangkok and Dubai. South-East Asian destinations like Indonesia and Malaysia have emerged as favorite countries after the relaxation of visa norms.

5 South East Asian Countries To Travel to This Year

If you also want to spend a few days of your holidays in South East Asia, then go to the country you are going to after checking the best time to go there. The best time to visit Vietnam’s beaches is between April and August, while the best time to visit Thailand is January to April.

Air travel is considered to be the best and comfortable way to travel to Southeast Asia. After reaching these countries, you can choose public transport or rent a bike or scooter and roam around the city. People also visit Southeast Asian countries because these countries are perfect for low budget trips.