Unique bumper sale in China, managers and bosses are being sold for 4 to 9 lakhs, will you buy it?

Young professionals in China have found a unique and entertaining way to deal with the stress of their jobs. A news going viral in this country has surfaced, where employees are selling the jobs of their bosses, colleagues on a second-hand e-commerce platform. On Alibaba’s second-hand e-commerce platform Jianyu, many people are selling their and colleagues’ jobs online as a way to reduce stress from work and get rid of “work troubles”. People in China have found a unique way to get rid of mental and physical exhaustion after a long day of work.

This is why people started this work

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According to the South China Morning Post, some of the listings on the website include several “annoying bosses”, “terrible jobs” and “disgusting colleagues”, which are available for sale and are priced between Rs 4 to 9 lakh. A user, who is selling her job for ₹91,000, said she pays ₹33,000 per month for it and promised that buyers can get their investment back within three months. People are doing this to reduce their workload at their jobs and make themselves stress-free.

Another person wrote, “Selling a colleague who is very good at sarcasm for 3,999 yuan (Rs 45,925). I can teach you how to deal with this colleague and offer 10 tips to avoid becoming a scapegoat at the workplace.”

A third professional listed his “horrible boss” for 500 yuan (Rs 5,742), claiming that their personalities clashed and the boss often criticized him, causing him a lot of mental stress.

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It’s all done as a joke

Notably, it’s all done as a joke, so the sellers ensure that the ads do not lead to real cash transactions. If someone buys the “product”, the seller usually cancels the deal immediately after the transaction or outright denies the purchase attempt.

An anonymous seller told SCMP: ”Someone paid at first, but I applied to offer them a refund, and I deleted the listing later. This is just my way of expressing my feelings, not actually buying or selling to anyone. I saw many people selling their jobs on Xianyu, and I thought it was interesting, so I wanted to try it too.”