Kawasaki launches its new powerful bike Kawasaki Ninja 500

Kawasaki Ninja 500: Japanese company Kawasaki is a very popular bike manufacturer in the Indian market. Kawasaki company’s sports bikes and super bikes are very much liked by the customers. Kawasaki company has been designing and launching its powerful vehicles in the market for a long time and one by one, many great bikes of Kawasaki are making waves in the Indian market and the streets of other countries.

Kawasaki Ninja 500 Kawasaki’s Ninja bike is a very popular model in the Indian market. The life of the company and customers resides in this model. Amidst the demand of its special customers and the increasing popularity of the Ninja model, Kawasaki has once again launched this Ninja model in the market with new specifications and new facilities. This new model has been named Kawasaki Ninja 500. Kawasaki Ninja 500 Design and Features Kawasaki Ninja 500 bike is going to come with very advanced features, it is being provided with Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging port, keyless start, TFT display. Apart from this, Kawasaki’s Z 500 bike is also going to come with very special features and design. In this you also get the option of LED DRL, new fuel tank, disc brake with front real section and anti-lock braking system.

Japanese company Kawasaki is known for its luxury sports and super bikes in the Indian market. Currently, more than 10 luxury models of Kawasaki are on sale in the Indian market and now the name of 2 more luxury sports bikes is going to be included in it. The impact of Kawasaki Ninja bike on the hearts of the youth in the market will be worth seeing.