Alka Yagnik becomes victim of rare disease, asks fans to ‘include me in your prayers’

Veteran Indian singer Alka Yagnik has become a victim of a major illness. While sharing a post on social media on Monday, she told fans that she was traveling a few weeks ago. As soon as she got off the flight, she felt as if she couldn’t hear anything. After getting the checkup done, the doctor told that he has a rare disease. She said that it has been a few weeks since this happened and I wanted to tell everyone but I did not have the courage. Mustering courage, she told her fans that she has sensory neural nerve hearing loss. Alka told that this sudden big shock has completely shocked her. She told the fans that as I am facing this disease, please include me in your prayers.

He asked his fans and young colleagues to be careful while wearing loud headphones and being exposed to music.

In the end she said that one day, she would like to talk about the health hazards of her profession. With everyone’s love and support she will return soon