Bigg Boss OTT 3 highlights: Armaan said- Shivani you should speak a little less, it gives me a headache, Chandrika also said- rude

In the last episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’, we saw that Chandrika, Munisha and Paulami who are in the bottom 3, Paulami gets eliminated. At the same time, there is an argument between Ranveer Shorey and Luv Kataria and Shivani is also seen in an attacking mood on Ranveer. Now today the rule of the outsider is going to prevail in this show. The issues between the housemates are getting less, so they are now in the mood to play the game. Let’s see, how the color of this house looks today.

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Ranveer Shorey jokingly tells a Mumbai proverb and Kritika Malik cries after hearing this. However, Ranveer also apologizes to her for this and says that it was not for him. Armaan Malik also explains the same thing to her but Kritika is seen crying.

Ranveer is seen gossiping about Shivani
Ranveer is seen complaining about Shivani. He tells Armaan and Sai how happy Shivani is by complaining about others. While people are busy with their work, Naezy seems to be in a sleeping mood and ‘Bigg Boss’ has to make a rooster run to wake him up. People are still wandering here and there and no one is able to find a topic. Sana is talking to Naezy about the album, Naezy says – for this, someone is needed who can bring out those things from within her from her comfort zone.
‘Bigg Boss’ message to Luv Kataria
Sai Ketan repeatedly calls Sana Maqbool to cook food but she is deliberately delaying. Vishal tells Sana that Naezy has a very bad habit regarding food, he makes a lot of fuss about food. Big Boss messages Luv Kataria and asks him to reply immediately. Luv goes to the washroom and replies to them on the phone.

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The contestants nominate each other

The nomination task begins once again. All the members of the house are called in the magical cave and are asked which three they would like to nominate. In this nomination task, everyone gets nominated. Kritika, Chandrika gossip that Neji is very smart. Ranveer and Armaan make fun of Munisha. Once again, there is an atmosphere of promotion inside the house and the housemates have to do promotion for it. However, the housemates are also seen performing a little in the name of the product. Sana Maqbool and Vishal are seen promoting this chips brand together. After this, Luv Kataria and Shivani perform. After this, Sai Ketan and Sana Sultan perform.

Armaan tells Shivani – speak less
Armaan tells Shivani – you should speak less, I get a headache. On this she says- We were not the only ones speaking, everyone was speaking. Arman said- But the voice was coming from you. Chandrika also tells Shivani that you are becoming rude these days. Neji fights with Arman and says- I don’t want to become a bad guy, you say that he doesn’t give me food and why do you say all this to me in front of everyone there? Neji says the same to Sana Maqbool too.