Indonesian Hijab-Wearing Metalheads Make History at Glastonbury

LONDON, ENGLAND – Voice of Baceprot, an all-female metal band from Indonesia, took the stage at Glastonbury Festival, shattering stereotypes and making history as the first Indonesian band to perform at the iconic event.

– Breaking Barriers: The hijab-wearing metalheads, comprising Marsya, Siti, and Widi, have been challenging gender and religious norms through their music, inspiring a new generation of young women in Indonesia and worldwide.

Music lets us be the real versions of ourselves': Indonesian Muslim  metalheads Voice of Baceprot | Metal | The Guardian
– Cultural Exchange: Their performance at Glastonbury marks a significant cultural exchange between Indonesia and the UK, promoting musical diversity and celebrating the power of music to unite people across borders.
– Female Empowerment: Voice of Baceprot’s music tackles themes of female empowerment, environmental destruction, and pacifism, resonating with fans from diverse backgrounds and solidifying their position as role models for young women in the music industry.

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– Religious Expression: The band’s unwavering commitment to their faith and cultural heritage serves as a testament to the inclusive nature of music, demonstrating that religious expression and artistic passion can coexist in perfect harmony.