Junaid Khan hit a sixer of acting in the very first ball, Jaideep also got defeated! Aamir Khan will be very happy today

There is a saying in English, ‘First impression is the last impression.’ That is, the first impression is the last. If you do well in the beginning, then you become the center of attention of everyone. Yes, it is a different matter how long you are able to maintain it, because then this is the thing that matters more. But in the case of Junaid Khan, there is still time. At present, Aamir Khan’s son has already made a splash in the first innings. His debut film has been released on the OTT platform Netflix after many controversies, after watching which everyone is praising him. Aamir Khan will also be immersed in the cup of happiness. In ‘Saturday Superstar’, we are going to talk about him today. Often there is this hesitation in the mind that it is so and so’s first film. How special it will be. No one even knows him. What will he do on screen. Also, if that star kid is working in a biopic, then people start getting more distracted. Because in the last few years, so many biopics have been released that people do not have that kind of enthusiasm in their minds. And this happens when that person has not exposed himself much. Has not even come in the eyes of the people. But defying all these things, Junaid Khan has made a great entry on the screen. He has proved that he is not a star kid, but a self-made man.

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Junaid Khan has done good homework

The film ‘Maharaj’ is based on the story of 1862, in which Junaid has played the character of Karsan Das Mulji. The makers have given him good screen time. Whenever he comes on screen, he appears with a different mood. Usually, star kids come on screen directly without doing their homework, due to which they get embarrassed. But Junaid did not do that. He neither took the help of his father’s name nor entered the industry from his production house. He did theatre for 6 years. Then worked with Yash Raj Films.
Junaid Khan has been doing theatre since 2017
Junaid Khan started doing theatre in 2017 and started honing himself. He was also seen in Shikhandi’s getup outside Prithvi Theatre in the month of April. He came out in the same look where he was spotted by the paps. This shows that he is still connected to it. This is the reason why the foundation is strong. He has not bought a car till date. He only takes the help of public transport. Because he wants to do something on his own. He does not want to take the help of his father.

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Junaid Khan also defeated Jaideep Ahlawat
Junaid Khan not only impressed the audience with his acting. He also defeated a veteran like Jaideep Ahlawat. Who played the role of such a Swami who takes advantage of women in the name of charan seva. Karsan’s entire fight was against him. Junaid lived up to his 16th standard. Sharvari Wagh and Shalini Pandey also play important roles in it. Their acting is also praised enough.
Junaid Khan hits a six on the first ball

Aamir Khan's son Junaid Khan makes his debut in Maharaj this weekend |  Filmfare.com
Anyway. It won’t be wrong to say that Junaid Khan has hit a six on the first ball and the ball has gone out of the stadium. He has become a superstar right from his debut movie. From anger to love and joking, the expressions on his face did not look artificial at all. It felt like a seasoned artist has come on screen and if you cast him in any kind of role, he will take its shape. Now people are also saying that they are happy with him.