Opinion: Don’t be fooled by the hype of ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ and use your brain, otherwise you will also become an April Fool in July!

Nag Ashwin’s dystopian science-fiction ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ created a stir even before its release and the film has reached close to 700 crores in just 7 days. Yes, let it be, because after hearing this, the audience is making mistakes after mistakes and the film is not showing any signs of stopping at the box office. Actually, it was announced that the film has done tremendous advance booking even before its release and on the opening day, the situation was such that the film earned close to Rs 175 crores. Seeing the earnings figures, like others, our enthusiasm also started increasing. It felt like if we don’t watch the film on the opening weekend, then life is useless. After reading the movie review, the public review also completed the remaining work and on Twitter, there was a lot of uproar in the cinema halls and people dancing in front of the screen, I don’t know from where all these people come, then we also could not escape from that mess. When we reached, we were with full pomp and show and we also sat with 2-4 kg of popcorns so that we don’t feel like getting up in the middle of the movie! The movie starts and after seeing the beginning, it felt that after a long time, we are going to have fun on the big screen. The visuals related to Mahabharata and its war are looking so great in the first glimpse and just like tea boils on increasing the gas, the mind also starts flying but immediately everything is destroyed.

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Because after an amazing beginning, when the movie starts, you will keep thinking that now everything will be fine and you will start understanding the story, but no. Because after seeing what happens till the interval, it seems that the way the director must have scattered everything in the studio, he probably forgot to collect it properly. Well, after facing what happened that day, I had decided not to tell anyone about this. Firstly, in high excitement, I remembered that I had to buy tickets for Saturday but I forgot that it was 29th June and who will not understand the pain of missing the ‘T20 World Cup’ and on top of that, the whole movie was going by in a rush for an hour.

Who is excited for Kalki 2898 AD?? I think it has potential to be the  biggest hit in Bollywood. It looks so unique and different Hope it does  very well. ❤️ Prabhas ,

Trying to connect the senseless scene
Believe me, when my brain got tired in trying to connect the senseless scene of ‘Kalki’, I could not understand which wall to go and bang my head against. In a short while, I understood that the money was wasted. Well, now when I saw a news in which Prabhas is being called the biggest box office star, my heart sank. Now the time has come to tell the condition of my heart.