Ruckus in ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’? Payal made a serious allegation on Vishal, angry Armaan slapped him!

Reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT Season 3’ is getting mixed reactions from the audience. Some people find it nonsense, while many like the banter between the contestants. But now the news that is coming out has shocked everyone. The house rule is that no one can raise their hand on anyone in this show. If any member does this, he will be directly expelled. But this season this rule has been violated and Armaan has slapped Vishal Pandey for casting an ‘evil eye’ on his wife Kritika! This news has spread like fire on social media that Armaan Malik has slapped YouTuber and influencer Vishal Pandey inside the house. Now how much truth is there in this, it will be known only after the episode comes. It is also being told why Armaan slapped Vishal!

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Payal Malik Makes Shocking Revelation, Says Shes Armaan  Maliks Legal Wife And NOT Kritika Malik | Television News | Zee News

It is being told that Payal Malik will come as a guest in Weekend Ka Vaar and will tell the housemates that Vishal has an evil eye on Kritika. Payal told the housemates, ‘Vishal has an evil eye on Kritika.’ After this, Armaan got furious. He lost his temper and slapped Vishal.

Video of Vishal and Kritika goes viral

A video is also going viral on the internet, in which Vishal and Luv Kataria are seen sitting together. Then Kritika goes to them. Later, Vishal tells Luv in his ear that Bhabhi (Kritika) looks beautiful. However, he also said that he is just saying this in a positive way.