Salman Khan’s Ex-Girlfriend Somy Ali Breaks Silence: Extends Apology to Bishnoi Community from khans behalf on House Firing Incident

Somy Ali, a thespian with a history intertwined with Salman Khan during the 1990s, has articulated her sentiments regarding a recent firearm incident outside Salman’s residence. Despite the tribulations of their shared past, Somy has voiced her solidarity with Salman. She articulated, “None should undergo the ordeal he has faced, be it Salman, Shah Rukh, or even my own neighbor.”

Contemplating the trials Salman endured, Somy remarked, “I would not wish upon my adversary the trials he has weathered. In the final analysis, no one merits such suffering. My supplications are with him. Regardless of past grievances, let us consign them to oblivion. I harbor no desire for such misfortune to befall anyone.”

Somy’s position emerged subsequent to her learning of the firearm discharge at Salman’s domicile, which left her and her mother aghast. “He and his kinfolk always have our benedictions. Every individual is mindful of their image, whether it be you, I, Salman, Shah Rukh, or anyone else. Thus, he acted in accordance with his own judgment. However, my focus presently lies on his present plight. No soul should undergo the anguish he currently faces,” she appended.

Furthermore, Somy expressed, “She also asserts nobody possesses the authority to transgress the law and opines, “Even today, errors are within our purview; we are all fallible creatures. Imperfection is an intrinsic facet of our existence, and none among us is faultless. However, to attempt assassination or to discharge bullets is to trespass beyond acceptable bounds. I do not endorse hunting as a sport, yet this incident transpired many years ago. Salman was considerably younger in 1998. I beseech the leader of the Bishnoi community to consign it to oblivion and move forward. On his behalf (Salman), I extend an apology if indeed he erred, and implore forgiveness.”

Moreover, Somy articulated, “To deprive an individual of life is intolerable, whether the individual be Salman or an ordinary citizen. If justice is sought, recourse to the judiciary is imperative. I harbor full confidence in India’s legal apparatus and legal practitioners, akin to that in America. I appeal to the Bishnoi community that inflicting harm upon Salman Khan will not resurrect the blackbuck. The past cannot be undone; let us consign it to oblivion. I have made my peace. My entire existence is now dedicated to No More Tears.”

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