Big achievement: Microbiology department gets WHO recognition for testing measles and rubella

The microbiology department of the medical college has got recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) for testing measles and rubella. This is the first lab in Uttarakhand to get this recognition from WHO.

Dr Umesh, head of the microbiology department, said that WHO has accepted that the microbiology lab of the Government Medical College is in the high category. He said that apart from Uttarakhand, samples of patients from western Uttar Pradesh also come to Haldwani for testing. This month, the WHO team inspected the lab. All the facilities in the lab met the standards.

What is measles?

It is also known as Khasra. It is an infectious viral disease. Which can be serious for small children. But can be easily prevented by vaccine. Being an infectious disease, it has some similar symptoms like rubella. This disease spreads when the infected person coughs and sneezes in the air. It causes cough, runny nose, burning eyes, sore throat, fever and red rashes on the skin. Vaccination is necessary in this case too.

What is rubella?

It is an infectious disease in which the infected person develops red rashes. This disease spreads by coming in contact with the saliva or mucus of the infected person. It can be prevented only by vaccination. Symptoms of this disease appear after two weeks, which include fever, headache, sore throat, nausea etc. If its symptoms appear, medicines can provide relief. This disease can be treated with vaccines.