Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh reside in this tree, important in both religion and health, worshiping it will free you from debt!

Jaipur. Banyan tree has great importance in Hindu religion. Many religious stories are associated with the banyan tree. On Vat Amavasya, fasting and worship of the banyan tree is done. According to Hindu beliefs, this tree is considered holy and many gods and goddesses reside in it. It is said that worshiping the banyan tree removes poverty from the house. Banyan is also called Akshayvat.

In Hindu belief, the banyan tree is considered the most sacred. On the day of Vat Savitri, women keep a fast and worship the banyan tree. Regarding this, Pandit Ghanshyam Sharma of Jaipur tells that worshiping the banyan tree frees you from debt. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are believed to reside in this tree. It is said that wearing the root of the banyan tree brings peace of mind and purity in thoughts.

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Nutrients in Banyan Fruit

Ayurvedic doctor Kishan Lal connects it with health. He says that Banyan fruit contains abundant calories, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin B. Its leaves contain fiber, calcium phosphorus, protein.

Medicinal properties of Banyan

(1). Beneficial in heart attack: Due to the element present in the Banyan tree, high sodium level constricts the artery and slows down the distribution of blood in the body. This reduces the risk of heart attack.

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(2). Immunity booster: The nutrients present in the Banyan tree are helpful in increasing immunity in the body. The bark of the Banyan tree acts as an immune agent.

(3). Cures skin diseases: The nutrients present in the Banyan tree are very beneficial in the treatment of skin diseases like ringworm, itching, and itch. Continuous consumption of the juice of its leaves cures skin diseases.