Breast Cancer se Jung: There are 4 stages of breast cancer, till which stage is it possible to survive? AIIMS expert told

One day while taking bath, 32 year old Ritika saw a very small lump in her underarm. Ritika even pressed it but there was neither any pain nor any problem. So she thought it was like that and left it. Many times Ritika’s hand would go to that lump but she was not worried at all, then suddenly after about two and a half years, her breast started swelling and turned red. She started having severe pain. She went to the doctor, tests were done and the ground slipped under her feet. She was diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer. Then the doctors told her that the small lump in the underarm must have been a symptom of breast cancer. However, after chemotherapy and mastectomy or breast conserving surgery, today Ritika is completely fine and regularly visits the hospital for follow-up checkup every year…

Recently, TV actress Hina Khan has also been detected with third stage breast cancer for which she is undergoing chemotherapy. Hundreds of such women of different ages in India are struggling with different stages of breast cancer. However, health experts believe that the sooner cancer is detected, the easier and better its treatment is.

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Let us know from Dr. GK Rath, former head of Dr. BR Ambedkar Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital at AIIMS and well-known radio oncologist, what are the stages of breast cancer and what are the chances of the patient’s recovery in these stages?

These are the four stages of cancer

Stage-1 cancer
In this stage, the cancer is small and often occurs in the breast tissue itself. In some people, it can also occur around the lymph nodes near the breast. Its treatment is easier and after treatment, the patient has a 90 percent chance of complete recovery.

Stage-2 cancer
The second stage of breast cancer is also the early stage of its detection, in this stage also cancer can be treated well. During this time, apart from the breast, the cancer tissue can also be spread in the lymph nodes around it. In this, the patient has an 80 percent chance of recovery.

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Stage 3 cancer
The third stage of breast cancer is an advanced stage, in this the complications increase. In this, the cancer cells have spread to the breast and about 10 lymph nodes near the breast. Apart from this, cancer has spread to the skin of the breast and the chest wall. During this time, doctors have to decide which treatment they have to do. In this situation, there are 60 to 70 percent chances of curing the patient.

Stage-4 cancer
This is the last stage of breast cancer and in this the disease has reached a dangerous level. This means that apart from the breast, lymph nodes, cancer has reached other organs of the body like bones and lungs. In this, rapid treatment is required to save the patient. In this, the patient’s chances of survival are 40 percent or less.

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Self-examination is the only way to prevent it
Dr. GK Rath says that today there is an excellent treatment for breast cancer. But there is no prevention of this cancer. Neither is there any vaccine. In such a situation, it is most important that it is detected early so that the patient can be treated without harming the breast and the patient can recover. Therefore, women should try to do a self-examination of the breast every month. They should check the breast and the surrounding area, underarm to see if there is any lump or pain. There is no leakage from the nipple. The shape of the breast is not becoming abnormal. The breast is not red or swollen. By doing this, it is possible to detect cancer as early as possible and then get treatment.