Breathing Method: Do you breathe correctly? If you breathe incorrectly, your body will become a home for diseases

If there is breath, there is hope for life. All the processes of the body are connected to breath, due to which your brain works and digestion also remains normal. Proper sleep comes due to breathing. Overall, let us say that if there is no breath, then there is nothing in the body. Do you know that the way you breathe can be wrong and due to that wrong way, your body can become a home for diseases. If not, then know it yourself.

This information was given by an American doctor

How to breathe properly: Guide and tips

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a very famous doctor and author in America. He has told that the way of breathing can also affect your health. He says that breathing does not mean only inhaling and exhaling. Breathing also means activation of the diaphragm and full use of the capacity of the lungs, due to which blood pressure remains normal. Also, the brain also works better.

How is breathing done?

First of all, you need to understand how our body breathes. Actually, whenever we breathe, the muscle called diaphragm present below the chest contracts and moves downwards. With its help, the lungs get space to expand and the air reaches the air sac. From this point, the oxygen present in the air gets mixed in the blood. At the same time, the carbon dioxide present in the blood comes into the air sac and goes out of the body through the windpipe.

What is the wrong way of breathing?

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Now you must be thinking that breathing is done in a normal way every day, then how does it go wrong? Actually, if the diaphragm moves in the opposite direction while breathing, then the lungs start shrinking instead of expanding. If this process continues for a long time, then there can be problems in the lungs.

These problems occur due to breathing in the wrong way
If you also breathe in the wrong way, then many types of problems can occur in the body. These include trouble breathing, increased heart rate, pain in the neck and shoulders, chest pain, weakness, dizziness and stammering.

If you breathe in this way, you will not have any problem
Whenever you sit, sit straight, so that air reaches the lungs directly and carbon dioxide comes out easily. For example, if you are sitting sadly at the desk, then straighten your body. As soon as the breathing process is corrected, you will start feeling energy in your body.