Dengue is spreading from metropolis to metropolis, know the signs and the way to shield your self from mosquitoes

Dengue is spreading quickly in all of the cities of the nation from Bengaluru to Delhi. In Bengaluru, dengue circumstances are rising day-after-day for the final three weeks. Dengue outbreak has began rising in Delhi as nicely. Mosquitoes develop resulting from water accumulation within the rain, which causes dengue to unfold. Platelets lower quickly in dengue, which makes the state of affairs harmful. Excessive fever, rashes on the physique and muscle ache are the vital signs of dengue. If you wish to keep away from dengue, then take some precautions and don’t ignore these signs of dengue even by mistake.

Signs of dengue fever

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Signs of dengue fever normally begin showing 4 to 6 days after an infection. Signs of dengue will be seen within the physique for as much as 10 days. Wherein-

Excessive fever can go as much as 104

Folks with dengue have persistent complications

Ache begins behind the eyes

Extreme ache in muscular tissues and joints

Feeling very drained

Nausea and vomiting

Diarrhea are additionally signs of dengue

Pink rashes seem on the pores and skin

Typically bleeding may additionally happen from the nostril and mouth

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Typically the signs of dengue fever are fairly gentle. Folks ignore it considering it to be a standard flu or viral an infection. Younger youngsters and individuals who have by no means had the an infection earlier than present milder signs than older youngsters and younger individuals. Nonetheless, they might develop critical issues.

The way to keep away from dengue and mosquitoes

Use mosquito repellent inside and outside the home to keep away from mosquitoes.

Everytime you exit of the home, put on free and full sleeve garments and pants to keep away from mosquitoes.

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Don’t enable water and any form of dust to build up round the home.

Keep away from storing water in pots or coolers at house or protecting it for a very long time.

Preserve the pores and skin hydrated and for this hold ingesting loads of water and different liquids.

Use as many seasonal vegetables and fruit as doable in your weight-reduction plan.

Drink lukewarm milk with turmeric within the wet season to extend immunity.

If any form of signs are seen, then instantly get examined as per the physician’s recommendation.