Dry Eyes: What are dry eyes and how is it treated?

If the patient does not get treatment in time, then the eyes can also get damaged due to dry eyes. Let’s know what is dry syndrome? Also know how to avoid this disease.

Dry eye is a serious disease related to the eyes. This disease occurs when there is a lack of water in the eyes. In this, the eye gradually starts getting dry. And itching starts in it.

Dry Eyes - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment - Burjeel Hospital

Nowadays the number of dry eye patients is increasing rapidly. This also happens due to change in weather. People who live in strong sunlight have this kind of problem. Burning in the eyes, due to less moisture in the eyes, there is a problem of dry eye.

Due to change in weather, the tears of the eyes start drying. Due to which there is a complaint of swelling in the eyes. Due to this, the moisture of the eyes starts decreasing. At the same time, due to less moisture and swelling of the eyes, the problem of dry syndrome starts.

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome (Dry Eyes Disease)?

When the heat starts increasing, the eyes start getting dry. Due to this, corneal burn can also burn. Due to this, the vision of the eyes can become blurry. If not treated on time, the eyes can also get damaged.

Dry eye is a condition when the tears of the eyes dry up. It has a serious effect on the cornea. Due to this, the eyes get seriously damaged.