Monsoon Fever vs Dengue: Have you ever obtained fever as quickly because the climate adjustments? So discover out whether or not it’s regular flu or dengue

Regular fevers throughout monsoon are normally brought on by viral or bacterial infections which happen throughout the wet season. Viral infections on this season are influenza (flu), regular chilly virus, jaundice or hepatitis and gastroenteritis.

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Each dengue and regular flu trigger fever, ache and fatigue. There’s extreme ache within the physique. Additionally, rashes additionally seem on the physique. Dengue doesn’t present any particular signs.

Signs of dengue seem on the physique solely 1-2 days after the fever. It contains extreme abdomen ache, steady vomiting, bleeding from gums or nostril. Bleeding in stool or vomit will also be its signs. There could also be problem in respiratory, fatigue and restlessness.

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Dengue is brought on by the chunk of Aedes mosquito. Its signs are excessive fever reaching 104 levels Fahrenheit (40 levels Celsius). Extreme headache which normally happens behind the eyes and extreme ache in muscle groups and joints.

Ache within the higher stomach in addition to nausea and feeling of fullness within the abdomen. These might be the preliminary signs of dengue.

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Early signs of dengue might be extreme belly ache, steady vomiting, bleeding from gums or nostril, blood in stool or vomit, straightforward bruising, problem in respiratory and excessive fatigue.