The risk of dangerous ‘autoimmune liver disease’ is increasing, these people are on target, know how to avoid it?

‘You go branch to branch… I will go leaf to leaf’, is a very old saying and it is not just related to humans. The nature of all diseases including virus-bacteria-fungus is also something like this. No sooner the cure for a disease is found, its advanced version comes out. Since the time of the corona epidemic, such things are heard more from health experts. Now ‘liver problem’ was not enough, that the even more dangerous ‘autoimmune liver disease’ has come.

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According to a report by Lancet, autoimmune liver disease is spreading rapidly. The situation is such that after 2000, its cases have increased 3 times. Women and elderly people above 65 years of age are most targeted by it. But the question is that how does auto-immune become so deadly as soon as any disease related to any body part starts? And how does this happen?

What is auto-immune system?

Actually, health experts also do not have a clear answer as to why any ‘auto-immune’ disease starts. But ‘auto-immune’ can be understood in this way that in this ‘the protector itself becomes the predator’. It means that the one who was supposed to protect, ends up attacking. Actually, this condition is formed in the body when the sensor of the immune system of the body gets disturbed. And it starts harming the healthy cells of the body by considering them as attackers.

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The risk of autoimmune liver disease is increasing

The same formula applies to ‘auto-immune liver disease’ as well. Due to a disturbance in the immune system of the liver, it considers the liver cells as enemies and attacks them. Due to which the liver starts swelling. This inflammation causes liver cirrhosis. If not treated, it turns into liver cancer. Sometimes the liver even fails.

Symptoms of autoimmune liver disease

Now the question is how to identify it? Its symptoms are minor in the beginning, which include muscle pain, mild fever, fatigue, weak eyesight. People do not take it seriously and it becomes serious. What to do to make the immune sensor perfect and keep the liver healthy, know from Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev?

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What is the reason for liver problems

Fried food

Spicy food

Junk food


Disease due to fatty liver

High cholesterol




Sleep apnea


Function of liver

Making enzymes

Filtering blood

Removing toxins

Control cholesterol

Making protein

Boosting immunity

Liver will remain healthy

Take care of liver from young age

Liver problems are reduced by eating vegetarian food

Fatty liver is cured by plant based food