What to do if you accidentally consume an expired medicine, know when a disease-curing medicine becomes ‘dangerous’

Expired Medicines: In case of minor ailments like headache, body ache, fever, cold and cough, we often consume medicines kept at home. This also gives immediate relief but sometimes doing so can also be dangerous. Actually, every medicine has an expiry date. After which the chemical composition of that medicine deteriorates, due to which the relief provided by it can also change.

While buying all the medicines, we also keep its expiry date in mind, we also know that this medicine should not be consumed but still many times such mistakes are made regarding it, which can put us in trouble, so today in this article know every fact related to expired medicine…

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1. Why is expired medicine dangerous
When a medicine expires, its chemical composition changes. Whatever changes come in them, they can also make the medicine dangerous. However, this does not mean that the medicine can be fatal. This is the reason why no drug manufacturing company guarantees its effectiveness after the expiry date.

2. What will happen if you consume expired medicines

The side effects of expired medicines can vary depending on its chemicals. Consuming such medicines in any disease can be dangerous. The chemical compound called tetracycline used in medicines can damage the kidneys after entering the body after the expiry date.

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3. Side effects of consuming medicines after the expiry date

Vomiting and diarrhea can occur

Old allergies can increase

Rashes can appear on the skin

Danger for liver and kidney

Risk of slow metabolism

Risk of antibiotic resistance

4. What to do with medicines after they expire

Destroy the medicines that are not needed in the first aid box at home. Instead of flushing or throwing them in the dustbin, you can give them to the local administration so that they can get them recycled. Throwing these medicines in the garbage or just like that can make animals sick or harm the environment.

How bad is it to take expired medication?

5. What to do if you accidentally eat an expired medicine

According to doctors, if you accidentally eat an expired medicine, do not panic. If there is itching, dizziness, headache or breathing problems, then you should reach the doctor without delay.

6. What precautions should be taken regarding medicines

While buying the medicine, do read its guidelines.

Look for information like the manufacturing date and expiry date of the medicine.

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Store the medicine according to the instructions written on it.

It is advisable to keep the medicine below 25°C temperature, in a dark place, away from sunlight or heat or in the refrigerator.

If you are keeping the medicine in a box, close it tightly so that it does not come in contact with moist air. Take care of their packaging.