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Go to a public toilet but do not use this thing, otherwise your health will deteriorate, the body will become a home for bacteria

Public Toilet Bacteria: Whenever we use a public toilet, we also dry our hands with the hand dryers installed in it. Nowadays, hand dryers are found in almost every public toilet. From shopping malls to cinema halls or markets, hands are dried with hand dryers in toilets. Most people also use it but very few people know that its use can be harmful and dangerous for health. Many researches have shown that hand dryers installed in washrooms built in public places can cause dangerous bacteria there.

Surprising research

Harvard Health’s report stated that a study was conducted in the year 2018 regarding this. In which it was claimed that hot air hand dryers installed in public toilets absorb the bacteria present in the air and reach the hands while drying them. Through this, bacteria can reach other parts of the body and disease can spread. Researchers from Connecticut University and Quinnipiac University in the US said in a study that hot air hand dryers in public toilets can transmit bacteria from the air to the body. This also makes it clear that many types of bacteria are also found in the air of public toilets, which can harm health.

Are there health risks to using public toilets? Here's what experts say.

How many dangerous bacteria are there in the air of public toilets

Researchers say that when a lidless commode is flushed in the washroom, a mist of microbes can turn into an aerosol and spread up to 65 square feet, which can be extremely dangerous. Although most of the microbes found in public toilets do not cause diseases, some bacteria can spread as infection in people with weak immunity systems.

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How to avoid toilet bacteria

Experts advise that after using the toilet, hands should be washed and dried properly, because if this is not done, bacteria remain alive on them. Paper towels can be used instead of hand dryers. If a public toilet is very dirty, avoid using it. You can avoid bacteria by sanitizing hands.