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Home Tips: Do you also make these five mistakes while washing utensils? Check once

No matter how great the kitchen is, every woman gets scared seeing a sink full of dirty utensils. In such a situation, if the maid does not come, then the utensils have to be cleaned by oneself. Many times it also happens that the utensils remain dirty even after washing. Let us make you aware of those mistakes, which are often made while washing utensils.

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If you also use hot water to wash utensils, then change this habit immediately. Actually, hot water cleans the grease of utensils, but it can damage the skin of your hands.

Many women use more soap while cleaning utensils, which is very wrong. Actually, due to this, many times soap remains on the utensils and when the utensils are used again, they start smelling of soap.

Whenever you clean the utensils, use a clean sponge only. If you do not do this, then there is a fear of the utensils remaining dirty. Actually, the waste of dirty utensils gets stuck in the sponge. If it is not cleaned, then that waste gets stuck on other utensils, due to which there is a risk of spreading infection.

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After cleaning the utensils, the kitchen sink should also be cleaned thoroughly. If this is not done, the garbage lying in the sink starts rotting. This causes bad smell and there is a risk of spreading infection.

After washing the utensils, they should never be kept directly in the cabinet. Give them proper time to dry. If you keep wet utensils in the cabinet, then there is a risk of them smelling bad.