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Horoscope Today 10 July 2024: Today, the comforts of Taurus, Leo and Pisces may decrease, read today’s horoscope of 12 zodiac signs

Horoscope Today 10 July 2024: Today, Chaturthi Tithi will be there till 07:52 in the morning, then Panchami Tithi. Today, till 10:15 in the morning, Magha Nakshatra will be there, then Purvaphalguni Nakshatra. Today, you will get the support of Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sunapha Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga formed by the planets. If your zodiac sign is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, then you will get the benefit of Shasha Yoga. Moon will be in Leo.

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Note the auspicious time for auspicious work today, there are two times today. From 07:00 to 09:00 in the morning, Labh Amrit Chaughadiya and from 5.15 to 6.15 in the evening, Laam Chaughadiya will be there. At the same time, Rahukaal will be from 12:00 to 01:30 in the afternoon.

Aries Horoscope-

The moon will be in the 5th house, which will improve the studies of students. Bringing new technology and new tools in business will strengthen the position of your business. The auspicious time to bring new tools is between 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm. A special advice to partnership businessmen is that whether the profit is small or big, it should be done with patience and equanimity.

You may get a surprise due to better performance at the workplace. It is better for the employed people to keep their behavior soft towards their juniors. Your peace may be disturbed due to some problems in the family, you will have to maintain patience. Which you will try to solve on weekends or Sundays. “Life is like two sides of a coin. Sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness: When there is happiness, do not be proud, and when there is sadness, do everything a little.”

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You may get hurt. Drive carefully. Enjoy the day in love and married life. Your tweet will be shared as much as possible on social level. New paths can open for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology Astronomy students.

Taurus Horoscope-

The moon will be in the 4th house due to which there will be a decrease in family comforts. Your carelessness in contract business can lead to another company getting big projects from your hands. If a businessman runs another company doing medical sample collection, home cleaning service, consultancy service, then do not keep any shortage in legal work and start recruitment only after completing all the tasks.

Your hot temper at the workplace can lead to a warning from the boss. “Good behavior may not have economic value, but good behavior has the power to buy millions of hearts.” According to the current situation of the country and time, the chances of promotion for the employed people are less, so do not be disappointed.

Your activities in the family can surprise everyone. Keep everyone in mind at the social level and put your point across. There can be some misunderstanding in love and married life. Students should be alert about career from now itself, otherwise they will have to regret later. Be cautious about food and health.

Gemini Horoscope-

The moon will be in the third house, so help your friend. Some of your matters will be resolved in web designing, app development and YouTube business. Electronics and electric businessmen will get a halt in the turmoil in their minds regarding business and will also get the ability to fight opponents.

There can be a possibility of transfer at the workplace. You can meet a big scholar in a social level program. There is a need to make some changes in love and married life. Do not lack in the respect of father or father-like person, you will get support from these people in times of need, you should give full time to your family.

Try to stay in the company of positive and knowledgeable people, their influence will give peace to your mind and positive energy will flow. If you want to give token money for a new house, then today is the right day for that. There may be some health related problems. Traveling can be done for some sports activity.

Cancer Horoscope-

The moon will be in the second house, which will give blessings of moral values. Due to the formation of Vasi and Sunfa Yoga, smart work will touch new heights in the jewellery making business. Businessmen will make their business successful and high with intelligence and imagination. You will get success only due to your work at the work place. People working should be very active regarding work, laxity in work can give the boss a chance to get angry.

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Differences in the family will be resolved, there will be an atmosphere of happiness. You may worry about the health of your love and life partner. Your work and your presence at the social level will give you a different feeling.

You will be troubled by the problem of chest pain. Students who are weak in some subjects should work harder and take coaching to improve. Perform your duties towards the family, worship Maa Lakshmi and Ganesh ji, God will remove all your obstacles. Sports players will get good career options.

Leo Horoscope-

The moon will be in your zodiac sign, due to which the mind will remain disturbed and restless. Due to the formation of Vasi and Sunfa Yoga, you will get big projects in labor dealership business, mineral water suppliers, flower decoration and investment advisor business, along with this, you will also get new contracts, which will take your business to new heights.