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How does meditation affect the brain, this change comes in 8 weeks

With increasing age, problems also increase in a person’s life. Problems increase so much in someone’s life that to get rid of them, a person commits suicide. But, there is one thing that not only reduces mental stress but also makes you feel positive. Meditation, that is, the practice of meditation. The tradition of meditation has been going on in India not from today but for many decades. For thousands of years, people have been doing meditation for many reasons. This also includes philosophical and religious reasons.

Meditation Can Literally Change Your Brain

Many scientists of the world have done many types of tests of the meditation process. It was tested with modern equipment and scientific methods. The results that came out were shocking. The study found that the brain and health of those who meditate were working better than a person who does not meditate. But the question is, what changes in the brain of those who meditate?

Mind does not wander

A test was conducted in which some people were given a special kind of phone. Some questions were asked to them throughout the day. The final report found that about 47% of the time people’s mind keeps wandering. That is, the person is doing something but something else is going on in the mind. This wandering mind does not create happiness. That is, in a way, our own mind becomes our enemy. Meditation practice is a continuous process. That is, it is beneficial only if it is done continuously for a long time. Those who are starting to meditate, it takes 8 weeks for its effect to be seen.

Mindfulness meditation training changes brain structure in 8 weeks

What did the studies find?

Meditation is considered a ninja technique to make your enemy mind a friend. It helps in concentrating the wandering mind at one place. Scientists did many studies to know the effect of meditation. It came to light that the stress does not last long in the minds of those who meditate. That is, they remain more focused. They do not pay much attention to the small negative things happening in their life, due to which they remain focused.

What is the effect on the brain?

Harvard MRI Study Shows Meditation Rebuilds Brain's Grey Matter in 8 Weeks  - David Avocado Wolfe

Meditation plays another important role in our intelligence. A study has found that the brains of children who meditate work better. They remember the things they study well and for a long time. Meditation also improves a person’s decision making.

Meditation is also responsible for a person’s social behavior. It is also believed that due to meditation, the cells inside a person’s brain which are associated with kindness, empathy, and learning, work better.