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International Picnic Day 2024: Why is International Picnic Day celebrated only on 18th June? Know the history and importance

International Picnic Day 2024: One of the many childhood memories is the memory of picnic. As soon as it is mentioned, everyone from children to adults get excited. Picnic is a form of entertainment which is full of fun. People often go for picnics with family, friends or on school trips. Picnic can be celebrated at any place. Necessary items for picnic are packed and taken from home. Seeing people’s enthusiasm for picnic, every year a day is dedicated to picnic and International Picnic Day is celebrated globally. But what is the need to celebrate Picnic Day? Do know about when and why these days are celebrated.

When is Picnic Day celebrated?

International Picnic Day is celebrated every year on 18 June across the world. Celebrating this day started during the French Revolution. In those times, a kind of informal meal was eaten outside.What

What is the meaning of the word picnic?

Picnic is a word taken from French language. Picnic means having food or breakfast while sitting amidst nature.

History of Picnic Day

Picnics became popular in 19th century England, when social occasions included a variety of food items. In later years, picnics became a gathering of common people during political protests. The Guinness Book of World Records recorded the picnic held in Portugal as the largest picnic. About 20,000 people participated in that program.
How do you celebrate Picnic Day?
In present times, picnic means going to some beautiful and comfortable place with friends, family and close ones and having fun amidst nature. Picnic can also be called a short trip. In this, food items are packed and taken from home. Picnic is enjoyed by sitting on a sheet spread on the ground in the park.