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Liver Disease: If the heels are cracking, then there is definitely a problem in the liver, understand the connection between the two

Skin related problems start.

Allergies in the feet indicate liver disease

Allergies or dry skin related problems on the feet can indicate liver related disease.

Pruritus: Intense itching in the feet, which can sometimes be due to acid accumulation in the body due to liver malfunction.

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Eczema or dermatitis: Chronic skin conditions that can be aggravated by liver problems. Especially if the liver struggles to remove dirt from the body,

Psoriasis: Although it is not directly caused by liver problems, psoriasis can worsen due to poor liver function.

Which symptoms should we get the liver checked after seeing in the feet?

Constant itching: Itching without any reason, especially on the soles, can be a sign of liver problems.

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Yellowing of the skin (jaundice): Although it is most commonly seen in the eyes and entire skin, jaundice can also affect the legs.

Swelling and fluid retention: This is known as edema. This can occur in the legs and ankles due to liver problems that affect blood circulation.

Spider angiomas: Small, spider-like blood vessels that appear on the skin, including the legs, can indicate liver disease.