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Take care of plants with natural things, keep trees green in summers

In the scorching heat, the plants kept on the terrace and balcony are drying up. Even water and fertilizer are not showing any effect. In such a situation, use of natural fertilizer can give new life to the plants. This time the heat is very high, due to which plants are burning, drying and dying. In such a situation, you should try to cool their roots and maintain moisture in the leaves. Actually, the temperature of the soil increases a lot in summer, due to which the roots of the plants get damaged. In such a situation, by adding cold manure to the plants, the temperature of the soil remains controlled, due to which the plants can be protected from heat. There is a risk of burning plants by adding fertilizer during the summer season, but if you add natural fertilizer to them, they can be kept green.

neem oil

In the summer season, fungus occurs in garden or potted plants. To protect from this fungus, spray neem oil on the leaves and soil of plants once in 15-20 days. By spraying, you can save the plants from the fungus that gets spread on the plants due to insects and water. It works like a natural fertilizer, which keeps your plants safe and green. Cowdung Manure

Cowdung manure is best for summer. By adding it even dry plants get new life. To make this, take 6 to 7 liters of water in a bucket and add fresh cow dung in this water and leave it for three days, then pour it in the plants.

drumstick pod peels

To protect the plants from heat, you can add the manure of drumstick pod peel to the plants or garden. You can prepare it at home itself. In summer, manure made from drumstick will cool the plants and your plant will remain green. Green manure

Green manure is life giving for plants. It is cooling and beneficial, prevents soil heat from rising and increases air circulation. It also works as mulching, so that the plants do not dry up. When the leaves of trees and plants dry up and fall on the ground, they are collected and made into compost, which is natural and nutritious.