Bungie Apologizes for Destiny 2 Expansion Launch Woes

The Final Shape Launch

Destiny 2 developer Bungie issues an apology to fans who encountered difficulties during the launch of The Final Shape expansion on June 4.

Server Issues and Player Frustrations

The launch of The Final Shape was marred by significant server problems, leaving many players unable to progress through the campaign smoothly. Players reported being disconnected from campaign levels, missing out on essential cutscenes, and experiencing loss of progress.

Bungie’s Efforts and Player Response

Bungie actively communicated with the community via Twitter, providing progress updates and working to resolve the issues. However, for numerous players, the launch night proved to be a disappointment, with frustrations mounting as the problems persisted.

User Reviews and Reception

Steam User Ratings

The user review rating for The Final Shape on Steam reflects the frustrations experienced by players, with the majority of reviews being ‘mostly negative’. Players expressed their dissatisfaction through humorous yet critical comments, highlighting the challenges they faced during the launch.

Player Feedback and Commentary

Some users sarcastically commented on their experience, with one review humorously stating, “Best 40 bucks I ever spent and best two hours of my life… My favorite part was when Cayde said ‘Destiny 2 servers are not available. Dismiss this message to try again.'” Another player quipped, “Today is a good day to collect all the error codes if you still haven’t got them all.”

Despite the anticipation surrounding The Final Shape expansion, its launch was overshadowed by technical difficulties that left many players frustrated. Bungie’s apology acknowledges the challenges faced by fans and highlights the importance of addressing and resolving issues promptly to ensure a positive gaming experience.