Earth got a ‘new moon’, scientists discovered a huge asteroid in space, orbiting the sun together

Washington: Our solar system is full of surprising mysteries. In one such surprising discovery, scientists have discovered an asteroid that is moving along with the Earth in its annual orbit around the Sun. This asteroid has been named 2023 FW13. Scientists have called the asteroid a half-moon or half-satellite because it is orbiting the Sun in the same time frame as the Earth, just like the Moon. However, it has been found that the asteroid is also pulled by Earth’s gravity.

Scientists reveal Earth has a new “moon” that will stay with us for at  least another 1500 years – Firstpost

The 50 feet (15 meters) diameter asteroid is located about 14 million kilometers from Earth. Scientists saw the asteroid with the help of the Pan-STARRS Survey Telescope on March 28, 2023. The telescope was placed on top of a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii. The Canada-France-Hawaii telescope as well as two observatories in Arizona also confirmed the presence of the asteroid. The asteroid was officially listed on April 1 by the Minor Planet Center at the International Astronomical Union. This organization is responsible for naming new moons, planets as well as other celestial objects in our solar system.