June 2024 became the hottest month till date, 61.9 crore Indians faced scorching heat

June Temperature Record: The heat that hit North India last month in June will never be forgotten. People will remember this heat for years. ACs burst in high-rise buildings, a large number of people fell unconscious due to heatwave. The capital Delhi touched 52 degree temperature. Not only day, but also night heat blew and people kept on suffering for many days. Now the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) has said that the global temperature is continuously breaking records and June 2024 has been recorded as the hottest month till date.

June 2024 warmest ever; every month since July 2023 breached 1.5°C: Climate  agency

According to a report, Berkeley Earth research scientist JK Hausfather has predicted 95 percent probability that 2024 will be the hottest year since the 1800s, when surface temperatures began to be recorded worldwide. It has also surpassed the summer of 2023 when heatwaves wreaked havoc in European countries.

Rising temperatures are showing their wrath all over the world. Last month, temperatures were recorded above 45 degrees for several days in many cities of India. There was also a huge jump in night temperatures. Due to this, many people lost their lives and the number of patients in hospitals increased.

More than 1 thousand people who went on Haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia died due to heat. People also lost their lives in European countries due to rising temperatures. The worrying thing is that efforts to reduce global emissions are not yielding much results. In the last 12 months, the world’s average temperature was 1.64 degrees Celsius higher than the pre-industrial average.

June heat records, 2024 could be world's hottest year: EU's climate  monitoring service - Science News | The Financial Express

In June, many countries faced record-breaking heat and devastating floods and storms. According to an analysis by Climate Central, an independent group of US-based scientists, more than 60 percent of the world’s population faced extreme heat.

Climate Central said that 61.9 crore people in India, 57.9 crore in China, 23.1 crore in Indonesia, 20.6 crore in Nigeria, 17.6 crore in Brazil, 17.1 crore in Bangladesh, 16.5 crore in America, 15.2 crore in Europe, 12.3 crore in Mexico, 12.1 crore in Ethiopia and 10.3 crore in Egypt suffered from severe heat in June. Temperatures were above average in eastern Canada, western America and Mexico, Brazil, northern Siberia, West Asia, North Africa and western Antarctica.