Length of days will reduce on Earth, major movement is taking place in Earth’s inner core, study revealed

Earth Inner Core Rotation: The Earth is mainly made up of three layers. The uppermost layer is the crust on which we live. Next is the mental. The third and innermost layer is called the core. It is divided into two parts, internal and external. A research has revealed that the inner core is slowing down. The speed of rotation of the Earth’s inner core is decreasing more slowly than that of the surface. Researchers say that due to the slowing down of the inner core, the length of the day on Earth may decrease in the future. However, this reduction will be of one second. A new study published in the journal Nature has revealed that the inner core began slowing its rotation since 2010. Earth’s inner core is a solid sphere made of iron and nickel, which exists within an outer liquid core. It is stable in its place due to gravity. The inner and outer core together make up one of the Earth’s three layers. The other two layers are the mantle and the crust. The crust is the layer on which we live. Earthquake waves are studied
Scientists study the core by analyzing recordings of waves obtained during earthquakes to determine movements in the Earth’s core. This recording is called seismogram. John Widell, professor of earth sciences at the University of Southern California, America, says, ‘When I saw the seismogram for the first time, I was surprised. This was indicating change. Vidal further said that 20 more seismograms were studied and all of them pointed towards the same pattern. The result was clear. The research says this is the first time in four decades that the inner core is rotating slower than the mantle. ‘Other scientists have recently argued for similar and different models but Our latest study provides the most concrete solution.’ Earlier this year, a study was published in the Nature Journal, in which it was reported that due to climate change, ice in Greenland and Antarctica is melting, due to which the Earth’s rotation is slowing down.