Popcorn History: Where and how was popcorn first discovered in the world? The secret is revealed by finding 9 thousand years old grains

How Popcorn Came Into The World: You must have eaten popcorn many times while watching a movie in a cinema hall. Popcorn made from corn grains is considered a great way to pass time in the movie. But do you know where and how was popcorn first discovered in the world. You will be surprised to know that the method of making it was discovered about 9 thousand years ago and scientists have also found evidence of this.

People of Mexico started farming!

A History of Popcorn | HISTORY

Scientists of western countries believe that corn cultivation was started for the first time in the world by Native Americans i.e. people living in Mexico. At that time, corn was considered a wild grass called teosinte. People of Mexico used to collect wild teosinte for their food and eat its seeds. By doing this, their body got energy. The reason for this was that starch and carbohydrates were found in those seeds.

9 thousand years old corn grains found

People got used to eating corn seeds and then they started growing it by farming. With this, the plant known as a wild plant became an important part of the food, which we know today as corn. After Mexico, corn cultivation spread throughout North and South America. It also reached other parts of the world. Scientists say that they have found evidence of corn cultivation 9,000 years ago in a dry cave in Mexico.

When Was Popcorn First Discovered | History of Popcorn

How popcorn was made from corn

According to scientists, it is difficult to know the exact answer as to when people started making popcorn from corn in ancient times. However, it is estimated that in ancient times when people would be sitting near the fire and eating corn grains, some of its grains or some part of the corn must have fallen into the fire. When people would have taken it out and eaten it, it would have become very tasty and soft to eat. Along with this, the convenience of storing roasted corn kernels and eating them later would have also increased, after which people might have started roasting them to make popcorn.