Why is there a race to kill Russell Viper snakes in Bangladesh?

For the past few months, the terror of Russell Viper or Chandraboda snake has been spreading in Bangladesh.

For the past few days, snakes of all kinds are being beaten to death at various places in the country, mistaking them to be Russell Vipers. Various kinds of rumours are also being spread about this.

Russell's viper - Wikipedia

Forest department officials say that more than 85 percent of the snakes found in Bangladesh are venomless. Russell Viper or Chandraboda snake is also at the ninth place in the list of venomous snakes.

Most of the snakes that people are killing at this time due to terror are non-venomous and useful for the environment.

Biologists say that snakes are an important part of biodiversity. Like other organisms, snakes are also very important for maintaining environmental balance.