Is someone else running your Instagram account? Check immediately and log out like this

Instagram Log-in Activity: In today’s time, we share many beautiful moments with our friends and family on Instagram. But what if someone wants to break into your privacy? You will not like this thing at all. Therefore, to protect your account from being hacked, you have to do some special settings.

Many times it happens that you log in to Instagram in a device other than your mobile phone and by mistake the Instagram account remains open in another mobile. In this way, your account can be open in many devices. In such a situation, anyone can easily interfere in your privacy.

How to log out of Instagram from another device?

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Here we are going to tell you about the setting by which you can log out your account from these devices. On Instagram, users get the option to delete the log-in activity. With the process given below, you can easily log out of it.

First of all open your Instagram and go to profile
As soon as you reach the profile, you will see three dots on the top
After clicking on these three dots, you will reach Settings and Privacy
By going to Settings and Privacy, you have to go to Account Center
In Account Center, you will see the option of Password and Security
After clicking here, you have to go to Security Checks
When you go to Security Checks, you will find Login Activity

How To Log Out of Your Instagram Account on All Devices
This login activity tells where all you have logged in
After clicking on Login Activity, the details of all the devices will come.
Now whichever device you have logged in, it will be revealed
You can log out your account from another device yourself by checking this
In this way, by going to Login Activity, you will understand that when did you log in to Instagram in which device. You have to go here and select all the devices one by one and tap on Log Out. By doing this, your account will be visible only with login on the current device.