Kanchenjunga train accident human error or technical error? This reason came to the fore

According to the information received from the Railways, the driver of the goods train crossed nine signals and hit the Kanchenjunga train. The question also arises whether the driver of the goods train did not see the blinker bulb of the last coach of the Kanchenjunga train? 24 hours have passed since the accident that took place near Rangapani railway station in West Bengal on Monday, investigation is going on at every level. After all, how did this accident happen? In this regard, a round of meetings is going on from Railway Ministry to West Bengal. The Railway Department works on the principle of passenger safety first. But what was the human or technical error that led to such a major incident? Brainstorming on these questions continues. But in the investigation so far, many important information has gradually started coming in. According to the information received from the Railway Ministry, the automatic signal system on this route was out of order since 5.50 am. Now the question arises that if the automatic signal system was faulty then how were the trains operating? According to the train manual, if the automatic signal system gets damaged then this system is operated manually. And for this TA is issued.

Station master had given instructions
Same thing was seen in the incident in West Bengal also. The Station Master of Rangapani Railway Station had issued T/A 912 i.e. To pass traffic the defective signal in. This means that the automatic signal system is faulty and the driver has to drive under the manual system only. Under this instruction, the train has to run at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. According to railway sources, the document is a written authorization called TA 912, which was issued by the Station Master of Ranipatra to the driver of the goods train. In which he was authorized to cross all red signals. This train number 13174 (Sealdah Kanchenjunga Express) was issued from Rangapani station to Chhattarhat. One such T/A is authorized to pass goods train signals between Rangapani Railway Station and Chhatarhat.