Tech Tips: You will find your stolen phone even after it is switched off, do this setting in your phone today

It becomes difficult to find a stolen or lost phone when it is switched off, although this issue is a little different with iPhone. You can track the iPhone even after it is switched off. For this, you should already turn on a setting in your iPhone.

Find My Device will work

Important steps to take before your phone is lost, stolen, or broken

The iPhone has a ‘Find My Device’ app. Enable its setting. For this, go to the phone’s settings. Click on your name here and then click on the ‘Find My Device’ option. From here you can share your location with family and friends.

To see when the phone went offline, the ‘Find My Network’ option has to be turned on. At the same time, Android users have to go to the ‘Find My Device’ website to find their lost phone. Here you have to login with the same account with which you have logged in to the lost phone. From here you can see the last location of your phone. In this way you can also track your phone.