This WhatsApp call number is fraud, block it immediately or else you will be in trouble

People are being cheated of lakhs of rupees through fraudulent calls through WhatsApp, cyber fraudsters use WhatsApp calls to hide their identity and cheat people. If you want to avoid WhatsApp call fraud, then you should immediately block the calls coming from the WhatsApp numbers mentioned here.

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If you do not do this, then it will not only be difficult but impossible for you to avoid WhatsApp calls of cyber fraudsters. So let us know which WhatsApp call numbers are being used by cyber fraudsters these days.

WhatsApp numbers of fraudsters start with these digits

Advice has also been issued regarding WhatsApp calls. These numbers: like +92-xxxxxxxxxx — call people in the rooms of government officials and cheat them. The Ministry of Telecommunications has warned mobile users that cyber criminals try to threaten/steal personal information through such calls to commit cybercrime/financial fraud. It further said that DoT does not authorize anyone to make such calls on its behalf and advised people to be cautious and not to share any information on receiving such calls.

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How to report such fraud, where?

DoT has advised citizens to report such fraudulent communications on the ‘I-Report Suspected Fraud Communications’ facility of Sanchar Sathi Portal ( Such proactive reporting helps the Department of Telecommunications to prevent misuse of telecom resources for cybercrime, financial fraud, etc.

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Further, citizens can check mobile connections in their name on the ‘Know Your Mobile Connections’ facility of Sanchar Sathi Portal ( and report any mobile connection that they have not taken or is not required. The Department of Telecommunications has also advised citizens to report cyber crime helpline number 1930 or in case they become victims of cyber crime or financial fraud.