You will not have to throw away your old phone now! After this trick, it will work like new

How to Renew Old Smartphone: It is seen that after the phone becomes old, its processor becomes slow. Apart from this, many apps also do not work well and sometimes even close while running. Due to which users have to face a lot of trouble.

Now you will not have to face this problem. You just have to change some settings in your old phone. After that your old phone will also work like new. So let’s know how to make an old phone new.

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How to make the old phone fast

First of all go to the settings of your phone.

After this, search for the Background Process Limit option there.

After searching, Developer Option will be shown, open it.

Then 6 options will be seen in it, you have to select the No Background process option in it.

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Actually, to speed up the loading process in our phone, some apps keep running in the background, which affects the RAM. Due to this the phone becomes slow and also gets hot. To stop this, you can speed up your phone with the help of this trick. After selecting the No Background process option, the apps running in the phone’s background will be closed. But if you want the background to keep running, then for this there is also an option to keep the apps open in the No Background process section. After this trick, not only will you save money, but your old phone will also run like new.