America has deployed a plane more deadly than the F-22 Raptor near China, can launch a nuclear attack

The US has once again deployed its deadliest aircraft near China. This is being seen as a stirring move in the Indo-Pacific. This aircraft is equipped with stealth technology and is also capable of carrying out a nuclear attack. Its name is B-2 Spirit Bomber. The B-2 Spirit Bomber has flown over the island of Guam for the first time since 2019, sending a strong message to regional rivals like China. The cost of one unit of this giant aircraft like bat wings is Rs 96,58 crore. From this it can be guessed that this is no ordinary aircraft. The B-2 Spirit Bomber is considered to be a unique example of American aerospace engineering, capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear payloads, while remaining almost invisible to radar.

B-2 bombers deployed to Guam

The US Air Force has deployed B-2 stealth bombers near China for the first time in five years. Several B-2s have flown across the Pacific for joint exercises around Guam, Palau and the Northern Mariana Islands. Three B-2 Spirit bombers from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri landed in Guam to participate in ‘Valiant Shield 24’, the first deployment of B-2s to Guam since 2019. Photos released showed the B-2s flying with Marine Corps F-35Bs and landing at Andersen Air Force Base on June 13. The exercise ended on June 18. Previously, the B-2s were spotted in Europe in 2023 and Australia in 2022 for Bomber Task Force missions.

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What the US Air Force said

The Pacific Air Forces or Whiteman Air Force Base have not disclosed the specific nature of the missions and training exercises involving the B-2 during Exercise Valiant Shield. A statement from the US military highlights the significance of the B-2 Spirit’s deployment in the exercise. “The speed, flexibility, and readiness of our strategic bombers are critical in deterring potential threats and demonstrating unwavering support for our allies and partners,” the statement said. The timing of this deployment is no coincidence. As China and North Korea are flexing their muscles, the US is also responding with power.

US responds to Chinese assertiveness

Defense analysts see the recent deployments as the United States’ response to China’s growing assertiveness in the South China Sea and the broader Indo-Pacific region. Despite international criticism and calls for action, China continues to pursue aggressive tactics, viewing them as an expansion of its national influence. The locations chosen for B-2 operations are strategically located to ensure versatile and effective global strike capabilities. Andersen Air Force Base serves as a major hub for operations in Asia and the Pacific, while NSF Diego Garcia provides access to the Middle East and Africa, and RAF Fairford supports operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

US Deploys F-22 Raptors To Its 'Most Critical' Airbase Near China Amid  Boiling Tensions With Beijing

B-2 Spirit: America’s ‘Air Warrior’

For three decades, the B-2 Spirit, built by Northrop Grumman, has been the cornerstone of stealth technology for the US Air Force. It remains the only long-range bomber in the US arsenal capable of nuclear and conventional attack. The aircraft can perform stealth, long-range strikes, heavy payloads and precision weapons attacks. Its low-observable technology (stealth) allows it to evade the most advanced air defenses at all altitudes during missions. The B-2 is powered by four General Electric F118-GE-100 turbofans, each providing 17,300 pounds of thrust. These turbofans provide a speed of Mach 0.95 and a range of over 6,000 nautical miles without refueling.

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The B-2 bomber is extremely dangerous

The B-2 is operated by a crew of two people (a pilot and a mission commander). It has a wingspan of 172 feet, a length of 69 feet and a height of 17 feet. It can reach high subsonic speeds. This aircraft is capable of flying at an altitude of 50,000 feet. With in-air refueling, its range increases to 10,000 nautical miles. The B-2 can carry a payload of over 40,000 pounds and has a maximum gross takeoff weight of 336,500 pounds, allowing it to hit a wide range of targets from hardened bunkers to mobile enemy units.