America surrounded India in the matter of religious freedom, said many things about minorities

The US State Department has released its report for the year 2023 on religious freedom around the world.

Releasing the annual report on international religious freedom, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that people around the world are working hard to protect it.

This report assesses the religious situation in about 200 countries of the world. The report says that today crores of people are not respecting religious freedom.

Flawed, motivated, biased: Govt rejects US religious freedom report that  criticised India for 'attacks' on minorities - India Today

According to the report, cases of hate speech, demolition of houses and places of worship of religious minority communities have increased in India. The report also raises concerns about India’s anti-conversion law.

Similar things were said in the reports released earlier.

However, India has been rejecting such reports earlier. In its earlier statements, the Ministry of External Affairs of India had described the commission that published this report as biased.

Religious minorities, Dalits face discrimination in India: Report - The  Economic Times

The Indian Foreign Ministry said that propaganda is being done against India in the annual report.

According to the report, the conditions of religious freedom in India have continued to deteriorate even in the year 2023.

It says that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government has worked to promote discriminatory nationalist policies, which has increased hatred in the society.

The report says that the BJP has failed to deal with the communal violence against Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, Jews and tribals.

According to the report, religious minorities and their advocates have been targeted due to the laws in India regarding UAPA, FCRA, CAA, anti-conversion and cow slaughter.