Don’t think of us as China-North Korea… Indian Minority Foundation rejects US report on minorities

New Delhi, A report released by the US State Department raised questions on religious freedom in India. It was even said that minorities are being targeted. Their homes and places of worship are being forcibly demolished. Indian Minority Foundation (IMF) has given a befitting reply to this. The Foundation has called this report absurd and prejudiced. It even said that India is a democratic country. Don’t think of it as China-North Korea.

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IMF said, in this report, an attempt has been made to put India with countries like Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, Russia and China. This is an oversight of India’s democratic structure and the diverse society here. This misrepresentation undermines the credibility of USCIRF and its understanding of India’s religious freedom. In a long post on the social media platform X, the Indian Minority Foundation said, “We strongly condemn these efforts of the US institution.” Criticizing the report, the Foundation said that it is afflicted with anti-India bias. USCIRF has repeatedly tried to designate India as a “Country of Particular Concern”. The US State Department does not support it, yet they repeatedly make this nefarious attempt. The world’s largest democracy not only has a strong constitutional framework, but also a vibrant civil society. We have a long history of pluralism. The Foundation said, America should first look at itself. Such heinous acts keep happening there. There are many such examples in which violence has been glorified. Murders have been celebrated. Some sporadic incidents that have happened in India have nothing to do with religion. Everything is related to law and India resolves it through legal means.