Ground Report: The school in Jharkhand from where the NEET-UG paper was leaked! Know how the ‘impenetrable’ security was breached

As the investigation into the NEET-UG paper leak case progresses, new revelations are being made every day. The scope of the investigation has spread to many states including Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Gujarat, Maharashtra. The Bihar Economic Offences Unit (EOU) in its investigation reached the school in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, where the examination centre was allotted, the burnt booklet number 6136488 was recovered.

It has come to light in the investigation that the paper was leaked from Oasis School in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. There were five examination centres in Hazaribagh, one of which was Oasis School, which was investigated by the EOU.

The question papers were brought from Ranchi to Hazaribagh on a vendor vehicle (network vehicle) and that vehicle was being driven by only one driver, there was no other person with him. After this, the box containing the question paper was dumped at the Hazaribagh office of Blue Dot Courier.
Then the question paper was sent to the bank through an e-rickshaw on the 3rd, two days before the exam, which was a very unsafe way to carry such an important document.

Oasis School Principal Dr. Ehsanul Haque claimed that the investigating agencies were satisfied with the SOP, after which the bank and school came and it is the courier agency, which is under investigation.

The Patna Police first got information about this mess on May 5. The police had received information about the people in a Duster car with Jharkhand number, these people were roaming around the examination center. The police caught the car on Bailey Road and three people Sikandar Yadavendu, Akhilesh Kumar and Bittu Kumar were caught from it. Admit cards of four candidates were also found from the car.
The EOU started investigating this matter on May 17. The EOU also found a half-burnt paper of NEET UG and the booklet number of the paper was 6136488. 68 questions were visible in the booklet found by the police and all these 68 questions were matching with the original paper. In this case, Bihar EOU has submitted a report to the Ministry of Education.

The Center handed over the investigation of the paper leak to the CBI

CBI has also registered an FIR in the paper leak case. According to information received from sources, CBI has registered a case under various sections. The central government took the allegations of rigging in the NEET UG exam very seriously and handed over the investigation of this matter to the CBI. At the same time, the government also removed the head of the National Testing Agency from the post. Along with this, the exam for NEET-PG entrance exam was also postponed.

Adverse effect on students and parents due to irregularities in examinations

Paper leak and continuous irregularities in examinations are adversely affecting not only the students but also the parents. If cases like question paper leak start coming to the fore in an exam like NEET, then it will have a direct impact on the mental health of the students. Through the education mafia, the rich will dominate and good talents will not be able to get their place, which will also prove harmful to the country’s interest.