International Yoga Day 2024: From humans to speechless…Yoga Day is celebrated from India to USA! 21st June is very special, pictures

Today is the 10th International Yoga Day. Every year this day is celebrated on 21st June. Come, let’s know how this day has made an important place in the pages of history in just a few years
This whole thing is of 21st June, 2015, when the first International Yoga Day was recorded in history

On the initiative of India’s PM Narendra Modi, the United Nations (UN) had appealed to celebrate it on 21st June.

International Yoga Day 2024: Global Events Led By PM Modi - Goodreturns

The PM proposed in the UN General Assembly on 27 September 2014, which was supported by 177 countries

Further, the proposal to celebrate Yoga Day on 11 December was accepted and then it started being celebrated.

Soon various countries of the world started joining India’s campaign (related to Yoga Day).

Now the festival of Yoga Day is celebrated with great pomp every year on 21st June all over the world including India.

One of the specialties of 21st June is that it is the longest day in the 365 days of the year.

Yoga practice leads to long life. Hence, it was decided to celebrate this day as Yoga Day.