Military coup attempt fails in Bolivia, general arrested for removing president, why did he do this?

New Delhi: Amid international outrage, an apparent coup attempt in Bolivia has failed. This coup attempt has created outrage across Bolivia. Let us tell you that an apparent failed coup attempt took place in Bolivia on Wednesday, where armored vehicles attacked the doors of government bungalows.

Bolivian authorities arrest ex-general who led failed coup attempt: Report

President Luis Arce said the country is firm against attacks on democracy. Arce told the army general commander – Juan Jose Zuniga, who was leading the rebellion – that “I am your captain, and I order you to withdraw your troops, and I will not allow this disobedience.”

Bolivia coup attempt fails after military assault on presidential palace -  World Aaj English TV

Army general arrested
President Arce described the withdrawal as a victory for Bolivia’s democracy and then addressed the citizens of the country, some of whom had taken to the streets in protest against the alleged coup attempt. Arce said, “Thank you very much to the people of Bolivia, long live democracy.” Bolivian television showed two tanks and several people in military uniform outside the building, but the troops and armored vehicles later retreated. Soon after, Arce’s supporters returned to the outside square waving Bolivian flags. However, the army general was arrested a short time later.

Why did the alleged coup happen?

Bolivian general arrested after apparent failed coup attempt as government  faces new crisis | CW39 Houston

Since taking office in 2020, President Arce has led a troubled government facing pressure from both the left and the right. Under his leadership, right-wing forces in provinces such as Santa Cruz have carried out deadly attacks against measures they believe are designed to keep them from power. Just last year, a prominent opposition leader, Luis Fernando Camacho, was arrested for his alleged role in a 2019 political arrest.