US immigration policy: Is America’s new immigration policy a shock or beneficial for Indians, what will be the impact of Joe Biden’s decision

US new immigration policy: Before the presidential elections to be held in America in November, Joe Biden is going to take a big decision regarding the new immigration policy. This will affect about 5 lakh people. The US President will announce this plan in detail today. According to the New York Times report, the purpose of this policy is to benefit those individuals who are living in America illegally but are married to American citizens. The new policy will save those people from deportation and will give them work permits, which will increase their chances of getting citizenship. According to American media, an order can be passed to protect illegal spouses of American citizens. The move is expected to impact 500,000 illegal immigrants.

These may be the main announcements in the plan
Those who have married American citizens, that is, those who are living there illegally, will no longer be in danger of leaving there. After this scheme, they will be able to live in the country with their families. Till now, immigrants could obtain American citizenship by marrying an American citizen. However, for this he had to return to his country to complete the green card process. Now under the new program, families will be allowed to stay in the country until they obtain legal status. At the same time, these spouses will be eligible for work permits, which will enable them to contribute financially and support their families. Under the new policy, legal assistance will be provided, which will provide relief to 500,000 illegal spouses.

Indian American citizens will also be affected
Many Indian American families include members who are undocumented. Now this policy will save them from the fear of deportation. Will give them the ability to work legally and provide relief to those who remain undocumented. The policy will give nearly 5 million spouses of US citizens the opportunity to apply for the Parole in Place program, which will protect them from deportation if they have lived in the country for at least 10 years.