US Presidential Election: First debate between Biden and Trump, who said what?

Presidential elections are to be held in the US on November 5 this year.

On Friday, June 28, the first presidential debate for the post of President was held in Atlanta, Georgia.

This debate lasted for 90 minutes between the current President and Democrat leader Joe Biden and his Republican rival Donald Trump.

After four years, once again both the leaders were in front of each other.

The debate started with the issue of economy.

Biden and Trump: Highlights from the debate

‘Benefited the rich’

As soon as the issue of inflation came up, Biden turned the topic towards Trump and said that he had handed over a spoiled economy, in response to which Trump said that the US economy was ‘great’ during his rule.

Biden said that “we had to make everything right again.”

Biden accused Trump of doing nothing and used the word ‘chaos’ several times.

Biden said that Trump “benefited the rich.”

Trump then said he gave voters the biggest tax cut in history.