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A strange thing was seen shining in the desert, the police were shocked to see it, said – have seen many strange things but not like this!

In the year 2020, when the world was struggling with the pandemic, shining metal pillars started appearing in different parts of the world. These pillars are called monoliths. In ancient times, these used to be pillars made of stone. But 4 years ago, when these metal monoliths started appearing at different places, people were surprised. Many people linked it to aliens. He said that this could be a gateway to the alien world. One such mysterious monolith has recently been seen in the Nevada desert of America. When the police saw this, they too lost their senses. This monolith was found in the Nevada desert, about an hour away from Las Vegas city (Las Vegas Mystery Monolith spotted). When the Las Vegas Police Department saw it and investigated it, they were surprised and posted its pictures on Twitter. He wrote- Mysterious monolith, we see many strange things, like, when people go hiking without knowing about the weather, and do not bring enough water with them. But this is even more strange than that, I have never seen anything like this…you should also see it. During the weekend, LV Search and Rescue Institute saw this strange monolith on the gas peak. Such monoliths have been seen before also.
The police expressed surprise as to how he reached there. Four years ago, this monolith was also visible in the Utah desert of America. It was spotted by a helicopter pilot in November 2020. Similarly, a monolith was seen in Romania, apart from that it was seen in California, Isle of Wight in the English Channel and in March this year, this monolith was also seen on a mountain in Wales. At present no one has any information about who is doing the work of keeping them, or for what reason they are being kept. Many people also believe that this is being done only to promote art, the post is going viral.