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First presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, know how victory and defeat will be decided, what is the role of toss

New Delhi/Washington:Presidential elections are to be held in America on November 5 this year (US President Elections 2024). The first presidential debate will be held in America on Friday. Former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden will be face to face. The presidential debate (US First Presidential Debate 2024) will start from 7 to 8 am on Friday (Thursday 9 pm US time) according to Indian time. After 64 years, this debate is being organized in a TV studio.

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This time the Commission on Presidential Debate is not organizing, as both sides had objections to it. Media network CNN will host the first presidential debate in Atlanta. Apart from this, the presidential debate will also be streamed on CBS and CBS News 24/7. It will also be broadcast simultaneously on other networks. There will be a second debate in September before the presidential election. The second debate will be hosted by ABC Media Network.

Let’s know how the presidential debate takes place? What is the role of presidential debate in the US election:-

What is a presidential debate?

Before the presidential election in the US, debates are held between the candidates on important issues. On the basis of this, voters form their opinion about the candidates. This is called the presidential debate. Two such debates are held before the election. The first presidential debate was held between John F. Kennedy of the Democratic Party and Richard Nixon of the Republican Party. Nixon lost the 1960 election. Kennedy became the President.

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What is the eligibility to participate in the debate?

To participate in the presidential debate, a candidate has to get at least 15% support in 4 approved national polls. Also, it is necessary to get support in enough states to be able to win 270 votes in the Electoral College. All non-Democratic and non-Republican leaders, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., could not participate in the debate because they could not achieve the required qualifications within the deadline of June 20.